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My name's Alice,I'm 16 years old,I'm blonde,Tall(moreless) Lovely and so sweet


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# 4 :Me,Myself & I

Hello everybody,I finally have one follower Thanks,So,My favourite singer is Eminem,and my favourite group is Paramore,but I also love D'NASH,Akcent.etc.And my favourite song right now is "Capaz de todo".by D'NASH,It's an amazing song,So,I love Eurovision Song Contest,It's Fantastic,My favourites ESC song are:
2004:Shake it - Sakis Rouvas.2005:Make my day - Martin Vučić
2006:Never let you go  - Dima Bilan.2007:Shake it up,Shekerim - Kenan Doğulu
2008:Believe - Dima Bilan.2009:This is our night - Sakis Rouvas
2010:Milim - Harel Skaat.2011:Change - Hotel FM (So Far)