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My name's Alice,I'm 16 years old,I'm blonde,Tall(moreless) Lovely and so sweet


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N º 8 :Me,Myself & I

So sorry again,i was so sad these last days,I left my boy,He's just an idiot,Hope you can understand me,I'm also sad cause my fav singer was on a contest and he didn't win,but I still suppot him,I'm her number one fan

Nº 7 :Me,Myself & I

Hello,So Sorry These Last Dayse I was so busy.Ok,I should say what did I do.Ok.I was with my boy every moment,moreless and Study a lot,And Nothing else I can say

# 6 :Me,Myself & I

Hello,Good Morning,I have 4 followers,Thank you so much,Okay,I don't know what else to say,I'm so in love,Love is gorgeus,I hope everybody feel it.He's a fantastic boy,so sweet,But he didn' know my favourite film,that's terrible,I know,But,I still loving him.Many Kisses from:

# 5 :Me,Myself & I

Hello again,So,I have a new style on my blog,So,I wanna share something else,I love The Simpsons,Family Guy,The Tudor,South Park.etc.I love a lot of programmes :)

# 4 :Me,Myself & I

Hello everybody,I finally have one follower Thanks,So,My favourite singer is Eminem,and my favourite group is Paramore,but I also love D'NASH,Akcent.etc.And my favourite song right now is "Capaz de todo".by D'NASH,It's an amazing song,So,I love Eurovision Song Contest,It's Fantastic,My favourites ESC song are:
2004:Shake it - Sakis Rouvas.2005:Make my day - Martin Vučić
2006:Never let you go  - Dima Bilan.2007:Shake it up,Shekerim - Kenan Doğulu
2008:Believe - Dima Bilan.2009:This is our night - Sakis Rouvas
2010:Milim - Harel Skaat.2011:Change - Hotel FM (So Far)

# 3 :Me,Myself & I

Hello,everybody,I wanna share more things about me,My eyes are brown,my favourite sport is Football,and my favourites teams are Barça and Chelsea,My favourite football player is David Villa and I also love Messi :) I go swimming twice a week,I luv swimming,So,If you wanna know more about me,ask me,or wait for more blogs,Thanks,Kisses.

# 2 :Me,Myself & I

Hello,I think you wanna now anything else about me,Okay,I have a fantastic boyfriend (Tom) He's amazing and so romantic,I love him a lot,He's 17,and I love him a lot,So,I'm a great student,But I don't like school too much,I prefere Chocolate,Chocolate is everything,My best friend's name is Jenny,but I have a lot of friends,I love facebook,youtube,twitter and msn a lot,and also Blogger ;)

Me,Myself and I

Hello,My name's Alice,and This is my first blog,I don't know how to use it,So,If you want,you can help me,So,I'm 16 years old,I'm From Spain,I'm so lovely and sweet,And I don't what else I have to say.
                                          <3 Alice__Onedrim<3